This Genius Device Charges Up to Four Devices Simultaneously, Quicker and Safer…

18/06/2024 | by Julian Lehman

SUMMARY: A brand new Israeli invention is making headlines as it challenges the established norms of the tech industry. The norm that your devices are supposed to deteriorate and stop working so you’d have to get a new one. The big companies are, to say the least, not very pleased, but the inventor, and we the consumers, are very, very pleased.  You can now Get Your QuickCharge Pro 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Are you running out of socket spaces for your 5-6 different USB devices needing charging? Do you feel like your phones battery just doesn’t last as much as it used to even though it’s only been a year since you got it? Do you like devices that last your years? Well then you’d really want to hear about this new 4 in 1 charger. Seriously it’s incredible.

Your phone is on 5%. You didn’t charge it because it was on 75% last night and you have to leave soon. But you also need to charge your earbuds, your smartwatch and your powerbank. You got one of those USB splitters but it’s like it takes the charging for one device and splits it throughout them all. Your phone barely rises to 7%. Guess there won’t be any listening to music for you on your commute today.

But that’s modern life isn’t it? It’s either that or you literally have to get a socket splitter with four separate chargers just to get everything up and ready. And also replace your phone because clearly the battery is dying. It’s just how it is.

But should it be like this? An Israeli inventor didn’t think so, and the result…


What Are We Talking About?

They call it the QuickCharge Pro. The creation of an Israeli engineer who was tired of two things: never having enough room to charge an ever increasing number of USB devices, and tech company’s taking people’s money in borderline shady ways.

The result was a new type of charger, which to the naked eye might look like a regular 4 in 1 USB splitter, but in reality is set to revolutionize the industry with just how much innovation was shoved into this little box.

So what exactly did this engineer do that is worth so much hype? Why are the big guys in the industry hating on him so much, and more importantly, does this whole thing work as intended? We got one to find out…

What Makes It Special:

There is a concept in the tech industry called “Planned obsolescence”, at the best of times, it means eventually newer peripherals such as chargers and will simply not support your older devices, but more shadily, it’s also often built into the system.

Basically, the devices and peripherals are designed to die after an allotted amount of time (which seems to be getting shorter and shorter), but also, they are designed to slowly wear any older device so you’d have to replace them too. They claim that it’s because the faster charging voltages aren’t designed for them, but we know what it’s really about. Getting us to buy a new one.

This is where the QuickCharge Pro comes in. Not only does it give you essentially 4 very powerful chargers in one tiny box, but it’s also designed to match older devices and protect them from the device killing currents the big manufacturer’s want you to pour into your devices so much.

The QuickCharge Pro is truly a hidden gem of technology:

✅ 4 fast charging ports that can handle all your devices at once

✅ Smart current distribution chip that makes sure no device gets hit for more than it can take

✅ Lengthens the lifespan of your battery through careful current management (big tech hate this in particular)

✅ Portable. None of those massive bricks that end up also blocking your adjacent outlets.

✅ Short circuit protection

✅ Overheat protection

With such a long list of safety and quality of life features packed into one tiny box, it’s easy to see why the big tech companies are mad at the QuickCharge Pro. It’s ruining their carefully laid plans!

But it still gets better (or worse if you’re one of those big techs). The Israeli inventor’s startup wanted everyone to hear about this new device, so loud that nothing those who don’t want this invention to see the light of day could do to silence it. Thus the launch of the QuickCharge Pro, which normally costs 79,98 €, cuts it in half, and ads free international shipping to boot! You can now get your QuickCharge Pro for just 39 €.

We always absolutely love it when a product is created with care for the consumer, and their wallets, in mind. QuickCharge Pro is exactly that and just for that earns our wholehearted seal of approval. Also it’s stupid good at charging your stuff. Get it while it’s still on sale!


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved QuickCharge Pro:

“Honestly I always just used the charger that came with the phone in the box, I didn’t know I could charge my stuff so fast! Why aren’t we told about this?! It’s a conspiracy I say! This is the best charger I’ve ever had!!”

“This one tiny box replaced an extension cord, a 6 socket splitter and 3 chargers. Would have saved so much money if this thing was invented sooner. Seriously though, it charges fast, like real fast, from all ports. 10/10.”

“I have an older phone and I was very hesitant about all these new super ultra-fast high voltage chargers. The standard chargers I used heated it up so much I thought it was going to explode. Luckily this one has an overcurrent protection thing so no battery overheating.”


Conclusion: Should You Get a QuickCharge Pro?

Do you like running out of battery? No? Then get the QuickCharge Pro. You’ll save money both in the short and long run, save space, protect your phone from corporate schemes and be able to charge everything at the fastest possible speeds known to man. And on top of all that you get it for half price?! This is just another no brainer deal. Just go already. Go get the QuickCharge Pro before the sale runs out!


  • Super easy to use
  • Universally compatible with all USB devices
  • Three 3A sockets and a QC3 socket for maximum charging speed
  • Smart overcurrent protection
  • Is NOT built to breakdown and be replaced in six months


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon


How Do I Get the QuickCharge Pro?

Now that you know you don’t have keep funding the big tech company’s greed, you must really want to get one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original QuickCharge Pro from the official website here.
  2. Responsibly get rid of all your old device murdering chargers, and watch that battery indicator reach 100% in record speed.

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