Special Report: Why Silicon Valley’s “Charger Secret Team” Doesn’t Want You To Know About This Invention…

28/05/2024 | by Peter Momoa

When will it STOP?
Silicon Valley just won’t quit plotting against its own customers.
Wait ‘till you hear about their latest scheme…
And this time, it’s YOU, my friend, who is the target of their newest “phone charger ploy”…
A cunning plot that literally forces you to give them your money… with almost no way for you to fight back.
There’s no nice way to put this: Your hard-earned money is at stake.
Well, I’m about to spoil their party, and reveal the ENTIRE plan in this special report.
If you want to protect your family and save your money, please read it before it’s gone forever:

A Cunning Plot Against Consumers Worldwide

$1,032 BILLION US Dollar (or over 600,000 lifetime earnings of an average citizen)… That is how much the Consumer Electronics companies made, in 2019 alone.
Now let me ask you: Do we really need all those fancy gadgets? ‘Dual-screen’ smartphones? ‘Electric skateboards’? ‘Smart KITCHENS’!?
Silicon Valley is trying to milk the last bit of money out of us…
And this time, they came up with a cunning plot which they thought you wouldn’t notice:
“Plotting” A Hole In YOUR Pocket!
We already heard about throttling smartphones… gadgets that die the day their guarantee is up…
But this time, you have the upper hand on The Valley.
Last year, a “giant smartphone company” stopped bundling chargers with their phones…
Making consumers pay an extra 49,99 $ just to get a simple charger.
The public did NOT like it…
Even other smartphone companies “criticized” it.
Well, the latest findings tell a different story…

The “Charger Theft” Is Only Getting Started!

It seems that they won’t be the only company to stop bundling chargers…
The entire “Valley Secret Team” may stop, too.
And not just smartphones…
  • Cameras
  • Wireless speakers
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Even laptops…
…soon, we may be forced to buy a separate charger for all of these devices.
Any smart customer will quickly realize that it’s inevitable. All you have to do is look at the math:
On every saved charger, let’s assume that Valley company “X” saves a bit of money.
Then, they sell that same charger for an extra fee, because the customer was forced to buy it.
That’s an extra 49,99 $ of profit PER CUSTOMER…
And there are THOUSANDS of different devices out there…
Devices that our families need… and that we’ll have to pay extra for.
In fact, statistics say that it’s already happening.
Since the “Charger Secret Team” set their plan into motion…
The global charger market increased by 200 times!
Or 47% MORE than its “natural” yearly increase.
The Valley Secret Team saw an opportunity, came up with a plan…
And now, one-by-one, they’re all hopping on the bandwagon.
Most of these companies will claim it’s for “the best of the environment”…
But numbers tell the truth: It’s all about the money.
But guess what? Who says it will stop there?
Soon, we could be forced to pay extra on even the smallest things – not just for chargers…

This Man Said “ENOUGH!”

However, it turns out not everyone will submit to the “Valley Secret Team.”
Thankfully a young engineer named Joshua R. , wants to save our money… 
And he’s doing it with a beautifully-simple device — that’s taking the world by storm.
This is his story:
“I used to work at a large company in Silicon Valley as a product designer.
Now, we used to get all kinds of weird requests…
…for instance, to add a fake camera lens, that would trick consumers into thinking the camera was excellent.
But this time, I was completely baffled.
Why would we leave out the charger?
Why would we force customers to pay extra — for something that RIGHTFULLY belongs to them!?
I didn’t want to do it. I stood up. And I got laid off.
That was the day I decided to work on the first prototype of what has now become QuickCharge Pro
We are on a mission to save our customers’ money, and protect them from predatory schemes from big tech companies.”

The Brilliant Solution: 1 Universal Charger, 4 USB Ports, QuickCharge 3.0 Technology

QuickCharge Pro’s brilliant idea is actually very simple:
Instead of buying 4 individual chargers at 49,99 $ each, QuickCharge Pro bundles 4 plugs in a single charger — and it only costs 49,99 $.
“Look, I believe in letting customers choosing themselves what they want to pay for. Yes, I loved my job, and I wouldn’t let anyone — no matter how ‘powerful’ they are — destroy that freedom or make technology even more expensive for the customer. People are struggling already as is!
With QuickCharge Pro, I’m standing up. I’m defending my beliefs, my family and affordable technology for the ‘small guy’.”
The device — QuickCharge Pro — is super-simple to use.

A “multi-charger” with not 1, but 4x USB charging ports — all using patented ultra-fast QuickCharge 3.0 technology

  • That means you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time — using ONE charger, taking only ONE power socket!

It works with:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Any other USB-charged device, no matter how old!

But that’s just one of the many advantages offered by this next-gen charger. Advantages we’ve been robbed of for ages…


A Stunning Next-Generation Charger, That Every Family Needs

✅ FIREPROOF, OVERDRAFT & OVERCURRENT PROTECTION unlike the usual “run off the mill” chargers being sold on the market and by manufacturers, QuickCharge Pro ensures your devices will last a long time by avoiding overcharging. Know you’ve invested money in a truly strong and durable device which protects the battery life of your favorite devices.
✅ QUICKCHARGE 3.0 ON ALL PORTS — unlike QuickCharge Pro’s cheap replicas, this device supports QC3.0 on all ports. That means you can juice-up any device in less than 30 minutes! No more waiting for ages to use your phone when you need it.
✅ SUPER EASY-TO-USE — for the entire family (user manual included).
✅ 4 INDIVIDUAL PORTS — charge your phone, your husband/wife’s camera and your kids’ tablet — all at the same time.
✅ TRAVEL MORE LIGHTLY — stop worrying about packing chargers. QuickCharge Pro replaces 4 chargers with one! Plus, it’s extremely easy to pack and very small; perfect for travelling. Have more space in your bag and finally travel lightly.
✅ BE INTELLIGENT AND SAVE YOUR MONEY — instead of buying new chargers for every new device, get one QuickCharge Pro and save hundreds in future costs.
✅ WORLDWIDE COMPATIBILITY – The company will always send you the according power plug to ensure 100% compatibility with local electricity networks.
QuickCharge Pro is the perfect response to The Valley’s plan to monopolize chargers. And a smart way to save your money. It is more than recommended for every family to have at least one.

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And your investment is completely safe. If, within 30 days, the QuickCharge Pro fails to meet your expectations — just contact the customer support, and your money will be refunded in full. No questions asked!
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Super practical! It works and it’s solved the problem of carrying around multiple plugs for me.

All as described by the seller. Clearly a high quality device. Hoping to use it for a long time! 100% works. I’m Satisfied.

Great product, works perfectly and charges my devices SUPER fast 🙂



  • Secure: Fireproof, Overdraft/Overcurrent Protection
  • Quick charge 3.0 on all ports (charge your devices up to 10x faster)
  • Compatible with ANY USB Device (even the oldest ones!)
  • Save money on buying multiple chargers


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon
Bottom line: We’re 100% convinced QuickCharge Pro will bring in a whole new chapter and might even convince some of the big Silicon Valley sharks to bring back free chargers. It’s an undispensible product for anyone looking to charge faster and in a more secure way.
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How Do I Get the QuickCharge Pro?

Now that you know you don’t have keep funding the big tech company’s greed, you must really want to get one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

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  2. Responsibly get rid of all your old device murdering chargers, and watch that battery indicator reach 100% in record speed.

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